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I've developed many skills in my 20+ years as an editor, but crafting a resume has never been one of them. Google "perfect resume" and you will find loads of conflicting advice; when you are already nervous about finding new employment, the last thing you need is anxiety over whether or not you've laid out your work history “incorrectly." 
Autumn was very helpful and reassuring as she broke down my resume piece by piece and gave me suggestions for improvement.  More importantly, she gave me specific examples of how to improve it. She was open-minded, agenda-free, and listened to my ideas about the impact I wanted my resume to have. Her interest was in setting me up for success and not insisting that I do one particular thing or the other. If I ever have to retool my resume again, I'll definitely ask Autumn for guidance.
Client, North Carolina

About two years ago, Autumn reviewed my resume and cover letter, providing extensive feedback on how to update the formatting and tailor both to the position I was seeking.  I landed the job I desired, and, as I prepare to take on another challenge, she has again provided quality feedback and advice.
Christine L., California, Resume Review, Cover Letter, Job Search

"I hadn’t updated my resume in many years.  Working with Autumn helped me realize that my resume needed more than just recent experience information and skills added.  It needed a complete overhaul!  Autumn helped me reformat the document so that the flow was better and the most important items were listed first (a critical component of a resume).  She also taught me how to use key words throughout the document, explaining what employers are looking for as well as how to use the words when searching for opportunities.  She provided me with lots of resources to find additional helpful information.  She even went above and beyond  her duties and researched my careers of interest, sent me ideas to explore, and informed me of upcoming events and educational opportunities that might be useful. 
Autumn was very easy and pleasant to work with.  In addition to accomplishing a high-quality resume, she gave me tons of support and guidance for both the job search and interviews.  I went from feeling overwhelmed and stressed to confident and prepared."
Allison M., California, Resume Review.  

I was laid off unexpectedly.  My resume was over eight years old and very outdated.  Autumn looked it over and responded with feedback within a day.  She provided very detailed notes regarding the font, structure, and content.  Her suggestions really helped me revise my previous role descriptions to highlight more important and pertinent points.  With Autumn's guidance, I feel much more confident looking for a career that I know I deserve!  
Jayne D., California, Resume Review

When I contacted Autumn, I had applied to several jobs and had not received any serious inquiries back. She reviewed my resume and offered suggestions as well as explained why the revisions would help me find the type of job I was looking for. Within a few weeks, I received a job offer from a prominent hospital that seemed to be tailor-made for me and fit the qualifications she helped me to highlight. Some she noted I didn't even realize I had! I will definitely seek guidance from her in the future when/if I decide to find another position. Thank you for all your help, Autumn!|
Angela K., California, Resume Review

Before I started working with Autumn, I thought that I had a good resume, but knew it was missing some professional polish.  Autumn gave some great pointers and brought up a few issues I had never thought of.   She also helped with LinkedIn and my cover letter.  She checked in on me during my job search and gave some helpful feedback and reassurances along the way.  I received multiple compliments on my resume during my search, which I am sure was due to Autumn's help.  I work in a very specialized field where it is tough to find good opportunities (even in a large city), and I managed to find a job that I believe is perfect next step for me.  I am so much happier and in a much better position than I was previously, and I attribute a lot of that to Autumn and the first impression she helped me make.  I tell everyone I know that is looking for a job that they should consult with Autumn.  She is very professional and a great asset!
Kate H., Kansas, Career Coaching and Resume Review